Daily Shuffle: Miley Cyrus Shows Off New Tattoo For Equality

miley cyrusWhen you get a tattoo on your body you want it to really mean something since it will be permanently stamped on your body forever (well unless you get that tattoo removal surgery). But either way, it should mean more and be more symbolic than just representing what your favorite cartoon character was as a kid unless it’s Cartman from South Park because that’s just awesome. Miley Cyrus herself decided toget inked again with something that is very important not only to her, but to a great number of people worldwide: equality. The former Disney star shared a photo of her latest tattoo on Twitter Friday, displaying an equals sign (=) on her right ring finger.  In a caption underneath her tweet pic the singer wrote, “all LOVE is equal.”  This gesture is reportedly making a statement for the singer’s support of gay marriage.  This will be the latest tattoo in her vast growing collection which includes a dream catcher on her torso, Just Breathe on her ribcage, an anchor on her wrist, Love on her ear, and a cross and heart on her hand.  Cyrus clearly seems to think a picture is worth a thousand words.  What can I say — she’s just being Miley. – E Online

Kat Von D and Jesse James may not be together anymore, but Von D is letting their love live on on our television screens. The tattooed star is not shying away from replaying her romance with James on L.A. Ink. The show’s executive producer said, “Kat wants to show that this was a fairy tale and that she was truly in love.” What sort of fairy tales were read to her as a child? Because I know it’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be a Happily Ever After in there somewhere. Apparently, there will be no re-edits in light of the split and the series will show the couple in happier times. Even though this will be the main focus of the show, viewers will still definitely see what led to the demise of the tattooed duo’s relationship. The exec claims, “We’re going to hear how he proposed to her and we’re going to hear how they got to the point where they are up to now.”  – People

They’ll be back…as friends.  It can be hard to remain friends after a break-up, especially when you’re in the spotlight, but apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are going to give it a try. The ex-couple reunited on Saturday in Beverly Hills to enjoy lunch at Barney’s for the Terminator star’s 64th birthday. Schwarzenegger and Shriver were spotted in the same car arriving at the restaurant. Witnesses commented that there didn’t seem to be “any tension” between the exes and that the group “seemed relaxed.”  Shriver even paid the bill for the birthday boy.  Arnold said, “Bye, darling,” to Shriver at the end of the meal, who went to the restroom and exited by herself. – Us