Daily Shuffle: Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Engaged

prince william, kate middletonSON OF A BITCH. Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged. They are planning a spring or summer wedding in London in 2011. She’s going to be a princess all year round. SON OF A BITCH. – MSNBC

Even though Jessica Simpson announced her engagement to Eric Johnson just a week after Nick Lachey announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo, Nick still wishes Jessica the best. Yeah, right. Like there’s not even one “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” voicemail floating around. – US

Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring is from something like 1900 and is worth $100,000. It is approximately an 4 carat, oval shaped ruby, with two diamonds from Neil Lane on either side of it. It is set in yellow gold. An expert jeweler calls it “a classy ring for a classy lady,” so I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. – Popeater

Julianne Hough “could not be happier” with Ryan Seacrest. Do you think she’s happy when she’s the first girl out in a game of musical chairs, too? – People

In this month’s Allure magazine, Taylor Swift admits she has a phobia about being in the wrong relationship. Does she know how good the levophphobics out there think she has it? – US

And yet, she’s willing to have Jake Gyllenhaal spent $165,000 on a private jet to fly her out to the UK! – News AU

Lindsay Lohan is making really stellar progress with regards to her addictions in rehab, but the one thing she’s having trouble with anxiety. DRAMATIC CRECENDO, DRAMATIC CRECENDO, DRAMATIC CRECENDO. – Radar

Britney Spears‘ parents are reconciling after being separated for 8 years. Their reason for rekindling things? Because “there’s still love there” and they’ve “been through so much.” – US

And even though they’re the least important engaged people these days, here are some details about the Richie/Madden wedding. – Radar