Daily Shuffle: Roseanne Barr Gives Advice To Charlie Sheen

roseanne barrOn her blog, Rosanne Barr gave Charlie Sheen some advice and trashed Chuck Lorre. She said, “Charlie, take a break dude. Go to Greece, Paris, China, look at great art and lay low. you got fired, dude. anybody can do your job, really. other guys are funny and not repulsive to intelligent women, though those shit chuck lorre lines could choke a fucking horse, and render any actor who recites them stone cold soul dead…I fired Chuck Lorre for being a big drunk on my show, and he went on to become one of tv’s most successful writers (about dick jokes). Maybe Charlie can start producing porn movies now!” Rosanne, I can even hear your internet quotes. – Roseanne World

Pete Wentz filed legal papers asking for joint primary and legal custody of his son with Ashlee Simpson. – Rolling Stone

Here is a video of Charlie Sheen putting his sons into a car and obeying the order to turn them over to his ex, Brooke Mueller. But before he straps them into their car seats and as Charlie is holding one of them, the kid turns to the cameras and says, “kiss my ass.” Is everyone sure that kid is not my child? – Radar

Lindsay Lohan plans to sue the jewelry store that she stole the necklace from for releasing the surveillance video of her stealing the necklace because she never gave them the right to use her image to gain a profit. The store says, “we hope that everyone understands that this is beyond our control, the flood of requests to see this video were simply too overwhelming. It was truly necessary to put out.” Dina Lohan defends her daughter saying, “once again, celebrities are faced with the possibilities of their normal daily activity being filmed and sold without their knowledge and their consent, and our family is looking into formal legal action.” HAH! Is putting a necklace on and walking out the door what we’d really call a “normal daily activity?” – Radar, TMZ