Daily Shuffle: Sandra Bullock Ain’t Dating Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds and sandra bullockOn the red carpet at the Globes last night, Sandra Bullock told someone she and Ryan Reynolds are not “lovahs.” She said, “I think there will be a collective sigh across the United States when I say he’s not my lovah. He’s just an amazing friend for 10 years…but I don’t get his loving after dark.” Well, no, no “sigh,” per say, but the believability of the scene in The Proposal where Reynolds jumps into bed with Bullock and he remarks that “it’s the morning” had to come from somewhere. – People

Who did Jake Gyllenhaal take to the ceremony? Jenny Lewis, co-star of Fred Savage. – People

In addition to possibly mocking Black Swan when she opens the Oscars, Anne Hathaway has signed on to play Chris Colfer’s lesbian aunt on Glee. How delightful! I can’t WAIT to see how her character will defend being naked all the time.  CNN

When Robert De Niro accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award last night, he did some kind of stand-up routine about how the members of the HFPA and the waiters were deported. This morning, he’s defending his remarks by saying, “I thought it would be more fun for this kind of evening.” I don’t know what that means. – THR