Daily Shuffle: Selma Blair Is Pregnant

selma blairWell now we KNOW it’s a disease — Selma Blair is expecting her first child with someone who’s described as her “fashion designer boyfriend.” DON’T THEY SOUND QUALIFIED! THINK BACK TO WHAT SHE DID IN THE SWEETEST THING!- US

Justin Bieber was hospitalized on Wednesday after he developed breathing problems while he was shooting scenes for his second appearance on CSI. But he’s fine – his troubles were caused by an “allergic reaction” to something, which not only sounds untrue, but probably is untrue. – MTV

Surprisingly, Taylor Momsen sat down with Kerrang magazine and apologized to her parents for saying they ruined her childhood by making her model. She said, “I love my mom and dad. Maybe I didn’t have the childhood people think you should have, but I still went through the ages…I like where I am now, so it’s OK. I think my parents have learned by this point that none of [what they read] is probably true, and words can be put in your mouth.” Oh, so she’s not apologizing then. – MTV

Natalie Portman is very superstitious about being pregnant. She’s not decorating anything until it’s closer to the baby’s due date, and after s/he is born, we’re going to have to kiss Portman goodbye for a little while. – US