Daily Shuffle: Sheen Seeks Intern

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Warlock WinningGuess what? Charlie Sheen did something else totally wild and crazy. I bet you didn’t expect that. Oh wait. You did. This time around, ol’ Tiger Blood is in the market for an intern (hopefully not to replace the “goddess” that just peaced out). Basically, now that his Twitter is worth a whole bunch of money, he needs someone to take care of it for him. That’s great and all, but I’m just imagining some wide-eyed kid just out of college being plopped into Charlie’s world in that giant mansion and having to navigate a world where “Duh! Winning!” and “Tiger Blood” are legitimate ways to win an argument. This is never going to end, is it? –Internships.com via Twitter

Amanda Seyfried finally admits that she’s dating Ryan Phillipe. Wow. Why did she have to admit this? Is it really some huge secret? It’s not like they’re Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Phillipe’s past the age where he needs to appear single to woo the young ladies. Seyfried seems to be doing just fine. Oh, they wanted privacy? Is that it? Well, at least the paparazzi won’t be busy climbing through their bushes and chasing their cars while snapping photos in attempt to prove that they’re together, right? Right? –Us

Someone hurt Lindsay Lohan’s feelings again. Oh, boo hoo. This time, LiLo’s indignant about the jokes made at her expense on SNL this weekend. Miley Cyrus played Lindsay in the opening sketch, poking fun at her trouble with the law and saying she has her own parking spot at the LA courthouse and later singing during the monologue about how she never screwed up like Lindsay. Well. I have to be a downer here, but she didn’t screw up like Lindsay and Lindsay’s completely earned the criticism. And hey, you don’t see Charlie Sheen running around sending sad emails to Lorne Michaels about how much that skit hurt his ego. DUH WINNING. –TMZ