Daily Shuffle: William and Kate Meet The President

William and KateThe honeymoon is over for Will and Kate. The newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had some serious royal duties to attend to this morning. That’s right, they had to greet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as they arrived at Buckingham Palace to go to a luncheon hosted by Queen Elizabeth. However, because William and Kate aren’t actually “working members” of the Royal Family, they weren’t allowed to join in at the luncheon. (Apparently the U.S. is the only country where celebrity is worth more than, like, rules or something.) Wait, I’m sorry, what? This is the big, “The honeymoon’s over, back to reality” moment? You’re famous, but you can’t have lunch with the American President, but you’d better damn well be on hand to look pretty and say “hi” and talk about how excited you are to visit California? Can I have that reality check, please? –People

Well, she finally did it. Lady Gaga broke the internet. Well, she sort of broke the internet. Because she was selling her album for just 99 cents on Amazon, the overwhelming rush of little monsters crashed the Amazon servers. So she broke Amazon’s internet. (These are very official terms, if you haven’t noticed.) The crash was like bum-rushing the stage at a really insane show except no one got hurt, the Hells Angels didn’t intervene and the biggest impact was probably a bunch of teen girls screeching at their brand new laptops, yelling about how crappy they are even though they’re AMAZING and technology is AMAZING. –NYT

Oh no, she didn’t. Well, actually, she did. Emily Maynard gave that gorgeous finger rock back. That’s right, it appears that Brad Womack is destined to be unlucky in love because his second televised attempt at finding “the one” is officially kaput. Maynard was spotted shopping without the ring, and there’s really no excuse for that other than a breakup because it’s not like she was baking or washing her hands or helping a cow give birth, or you know, some other reason you might not want to be wearing a piece of expensive jewelry. Word has it she’s returned the ring to ABC — wait, what? Oh come on. She backed out and got to return the ring to some middle man? That’s not how relationships work! Then again, I can’t remember the last time I met a guy by flying to Africa with him and 10 other girls in hopes of scoring like two hours of alone time, so there’s that. –PopEater