Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning Tell ‘Vogue’ About Growing Up in the Spotlight

Some people were born in the spotlight quite literally.  Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning have grown up in front of the camera and as they grace Vogue’s age issue, it’s hard to believe that these two young acting pros are still only 17 (Dakota) and 13 (Elle) years old.  They look wise beyond their years dressed  in retro clothes, leather gloves and shiny shoes for the magazine’s photo shoot. 


Dakota looks back on her star-studded life saying, “I’ve been working since I was six, Elle since two….what you grow up with is what you become used to.”  This is the only life either of these girls has ever known and they’ve learned to accept that with fame come obstacles, but they’re happy with the hand life has dealt them,  Dakota maturely states, “When you choose to do this with your life, you’re in the public and people watch you…but I’d rather do this than not.”  Well it certainly looks like the beautiful start to an ever-budding career.  The siblings busier than ever trying to take over Hollywood by storm.  Elle has at several projects in the works including Vivaldi, Frankenweenie, Anne Chambers, We Bought a Zoo and Twixt, while Dakota is reaping the rewards of the Twilight series and is working on Very Good Girls, Mississippi Wild, and Now Is Good.  Let’s just hope they remember to take the time to enjoy their fleeting teen years.  It goes by so fast ladies — enjoy it!

Source: Celebuzz