Damian O'Flynn

Born: 01/29/1907


Actor (32)

Gunfight at Comanche Creek 1963 (Movie)

Winton (Actor)

Eighteen and Anxious 1957 (Movie)

Mr Bayne (Actor)

D-Day the Sixth of June 1956 (Movie)

Gen. Pike (Actor)

Drango 1956 (Movie)

Blackford (Actor)

Daddy Long Legs 1955 (Movie)

Larry Hamilton (Actor)

The Glenn Miller Story 1954 (Movie)

Colonel Baker (Actor)

U.S.S. Tea Kettle 1950 (Movie)


Black Midnight 1949 (Movie)


The Snake Pit 1948 (Movie)


Marked Woman 1936 (Movie)


Broadway (Movie)

Scar Edwards (Actor)

Crack-Up (Movie)

Stevenson (Actor)

Flight for Freedom (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

Hoodlum Empire (Movie)

Foster (Actor)

Lady Scarface (Movie)

Onslow (Actor)

Outpost in Morocco (Movie)

Commandant Fronval (Actor)

Philo Vance Returns (Movie)

Larry Blendon (Actor)

Powder Town (Movie)

Oliver Lindsay (Actor)

Proudly We Hail (Movie)

1st young doctor (Actor)

Rage in Heaven (Movie)


Riders of the Whistling Pines (Movie)

Bill Wright (Actor)

Sarong Girl (Movie)

Gil Gailord (Actor)

The Bachelor's Daughters (Movie)

Miller (Actor)

The Beginning or the End (Movie)

C.D. Howe (Actor)

The Devil on Wheels (Movie)


The Gay Falcon (Movie)

Weber (Actor)

The Great Man's Lady (Movie)

Burns (Actor)

The Plymouth Adventure (Movie)


The Pride of St. Louis (Movie)

Johnnie Bishop (Actor)

Wake Island (Movie)

Capt. Patrick (Actor)

Winged Victory (Movie)

Col. Ross (Actor)