Dan Kessler


Visual Effects & Animation (11)

Spy Kids: All The Time in The World 2011 (Movie)

Artist(Speedshape) (Digital Artist)

Click 2006 (Movie)

Digital Effects Animation(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Digital Effects)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2005 (Movie)

Effects Animation TD(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animation Director)

Zathura 2005 (Movie)

Effects TD(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Visual Effects)

Spider-Man 2 2004 (Movie)

FX Animation(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animator)

The Polar Express 2004 (Movie)

Effects Animation (Animator)

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas 2003 (Movie)

Shot Prep (Layout Artist)

The Road to El Dorado 2000 (Movie)

(("Spain"/effects)) (Animator)

X-Men 2000 (Movie)

CGI animator(Cinesite/visual effects & animation) (CGI Artist)

The Prince of Egypt 1998 (Movie)

digital effects(("Red Sea" sequence)) (Visual Effects)

Alaska 1996 (Movie)

digital visual effects(Digital Film I/O) (Visual Effects)