Dan O'Herlihy

Character actor and idiosyncratic leading man who performed with the Gate Theatre and the Abbey Players in Dublin before immigrating to the USA, O'Herlihy filled up the screen with a long resume of grand performances in ... Read more »
Born: 05/01/1919 in Wexford, IE


Actor (69)

The Rat Pack 1998 (Movie)

Joe Kennedy (Actor)

VR.5 1994 - 1997 (TV Show)


Love, Cheat & Steal 1994 (Movie)

Hamilton Fisk (Actor)

Robocop 2 1990 (Movie)

Old Man (Actor)

L.A. Law 1987 - 1988 (Tv Show)


Murder, She Wrote 1986 - 1988 (Tv Show)


Robocop 1987 (Movie)

The Old Man (Actor)

The Dead 1987 (Movie)

Mr Browne (Actor)

Wildfire 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


John Huston & The Dubliners 1986 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Whoopee Boys 1986 (Movie)

Judge Sternhill (Actor)

The Last Starfighter 1984 (Movie)

Grig (Actor)

Whiz Kids 1983 - 1984 (TV Show)


Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982 (Movie)

Conal Cochran (Actor)

A Man Called Sloane 1979 - 1980 (TV Show)


Hunter's Moon 1979 - 1980 (TV Show)


Deadly Game 1977 - 1978 (TV Show)


Woman on the Run 1977 - 1978 (TV Show)


MacArthur 1977 (Movie)

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Actor)

The Quest 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free 1975 - 1976 (TV Show)


The Tamarind Seed 1973 (Movie)

Fergus Stephenson (Actor)

The Carey Treatment 1971 (Movie)

Dr Randall (Actor)

Waterloo 1970 (Movie)

Marshall Ney (Actor)

100 Rifles 1969 (Movie)

Grimes (Actor)

The Big Cube 1969 (Movie)

Charles Winthrop (Actor)

The Long Hot Summer 1965 - 1966 (TV Show)


Fail Safe 1964 (Movie)

General Buck (Actor)

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 1963 - 1964 (TV Show)


The United States Steel Hour 1953 - 1963 (TV Show)


The Cabinet of Caligari 1961 (Movie)

Paul/Caligari (Actor)

The June Allyson Show 1959 - 1961 (TV Show)


A Terrible Beauty 1960 (Movie)

Don McGinness (Actor)

One Foot in Hell 1960 (Movie)

Harry Ivers (Actor)

Imitation of Life 1959 (Movie)

David Edwards (Actor)

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars 1951 - 1959 (TV Show)


Home Before Dark 1958 (Movie)

Arnold Bronn (Actor)

Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theater 1954 - 1958 (TV Show)


The Young Land 1958 (Movie)

Judge Isham (Actor)

Cavalcade of America 1952 - 1957 (TV Show)


On Trial 1956 - 1957 (TV Show)


Screen Director's Playhouse 1955 - 1956 (TV Show)


The Purple Mask 1955 (Movie)

Brisquet (Actor)

The Virgin Queen 1955 (Movie)

Lord Derry (Actor)

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1954 (Movie)

Robinson Crusoe (Actor)

Bengal Brigade 1954 (Movie)

Captain Ronald Blaine (Actor)

The Black Shield of Falworth 1954 (Movie)

Prince Hal (Actor)

Invasion U.S.A. 1953 (Movie)


The Blue Veil 1951 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Macbeth 1948 (Movie)

Macduff (Actor)

Odd Man Out 1946 (Movie)

Nolan (Actor)

A Waltz Through the Hills (TV Show)


Actors and Sin (Movie)

Alfred O'Shea (Actor)

Dark Mansions (TV Show)


Death Ray 2000 (TV Show)


Good Against Evil (TV Show)


Hunter's Moon (Movie)


Kraft Television Theater (TV Show)


Larceny (Movie)

Duke (Actor)

Love, Cheat & Steal (TV Show)


Nancy Astor (TV Show)


Operation Secret (Movie)

Duncan (Actor)

Qb VII (TV Show)


Soldiers Three (Movie)

Sgt. Murphy (Actor)

The Desert Fox (Movie)

Commando Captain (Actor)

The People (TV Show)


Twin Peaks (TV Show)



Character actor and idiosyncratic leading man who performed with the Gate Theatre and the Abbey Players in Dublin before immigrating to the USA, O'Herlihy filled up the screen with a long resume of grand performances in Hollywood films from the 40s to the 90s. An architecture student who turned to acting to earn money for college--He appeared in more than 70 plays on the Dublin stage and played the lead in the original production of Sean O'Casey's "Red Roses for Me"--O'Herlihy wound up working with notables including Orson Welles, Gregory Peck and John Huston after being discovered by British director Carol Reed and cast opposite James Mason in the 1947 thriller "Odd Man Out." O'Herlihy joined Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre and played MacDuff opposite Welles' "Macbeth" in both the stage and (1948) screen version of the play. On the U.S. stage he also appeared in John Houseman's "Measure for Measure" in Los Angeles, "King Lear" at the Houston Shakespeare Festival and "Mass Appeal" at the Drury Lane Theatre, while on-screen he appeared with his 'Macbeth' co-star Roddy McDowall in a low-budget adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Kidnapped."

He became best known for his title role in Luis Bunuel's "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" (1954)--he beat out Welles for the role, which earned O'Herlihy an Oscar nomination as Best Actor. O'Herlihy had a long and varied career as a versatile player, he was seen in Douglas Sirk's melodrama "Imitation of Life" (1959), in Sidney Lumet's Cold War drama "Fail-Safe" (1964), as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt opposite Peck in "MacArthur" (1977), as a homicidal toymaker in "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" (1982), in full makeup as a lizardlike alien in "The Last Starfighter" (1984), the lead character Mr. Browne in John Huston's film version of the James Joyce story "The Dead" (1987) and as the villainous Old Man, the CEO of Omni Consumer Products, in "RoboCop" (1987) and its 1990 sequel--the latter films made O'Herily a favorite of sci-fi and fantasy genre fans. His final role had him playing Kennedy family patriarch Joe Kennedy in the HBO telepic "The Rat Pack" in 1998.

O'Herilhy's scores of TV credits included Doc McPheeters in "The Travels of Jamie McPheeters" (1963), town boss Will Varner in the series version of "The Long Hot Summer" (1965), The Director in 'A Man Called Sloane' (1979), intelligence agent Carson Marsh in "Whiz Kids" (1984) and as Alexander Packard in the David Lynch-created cult favorite "Twin Peaks" (1990).

The actor's brother was the Emmy-nominated television and film director Michael O'Herlihy. One of O'Herily's sons, Gavan, was the Irish National Tennis Champion and followed his father's footsteps into acting, playing lost brother Chuck Cunningham in the first season of the sitcom "Happy Days."


Michael O'Herlihy

died on June 14, 1997 at age 69 in Dublin, Ireland


National University of Ireland

became interested in acting