Sexy Dance Crazes (That Aren’t Twerking)

Kate UptonTerry TV

The Dougie

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Dougie, which took over from line dancing as the state’s official move around 2007. Named after old-school rapper Doug E. Fresh, the move can be adapted to suit your personality, according to West Coast Dougie enthusiasts Cali Swag District.

Dutty Wining

An adults-only, women-only Jamaican dance move that became a massive Western export in 2006. It may focus on the neck, but being bootylicious helps.


A back-to-front (traditionally meaning a female’s back pressed up against her dance partner’s front) this craze originates from “perro,” the Spanish word for “dog.” We’ll, um, just let you make the connection for yourself. The dance moves involve a lot of bump, and even more grind.


An NSFW move that originated in the Jamaican dance halls, daggering is an extremely energetic and highly sexualized partner move. Daggering’s popularity and hardcore reputation has caused the Jamaican government to ban directly-associated music from radio and TV.

Kate Upton Does The Cat Daddy In A Bikini

Rendering all other dancing essentially an unsexy waste of everybody’s time.

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