‘Dancing with the Stars’ Fans Angered Over Chaz Bono Casting

It’s natural for people to complain about the celebrities cast on Dancing With the Stars. People may think some of the contestants are has-beens or no-name celebs who don’t deserve to be on the show, but things are being taken a little too far this season. After it was announced that Chaz Bono (born Chastity Bono) — the transgender son of Cher and Sonny Bono — had joined the season 13 cast of DWTS, fans decided to taint ABC.com’s message boards with hateful comments of their disapproval and “disgust” with the network’s participation in this “homosexual lust fest” that’s being “flaunted in our faces.” Geez, overreacting much? Even some bible verses were quoted, which makes sense because Jesus died for our sins…and so we could watch heterosexual people attempt the foxtrot.

I didn’t realize that so many viewers considered the show to be so family-friendly before this! Some comments indicate widespread belief that Chaz’s participation in this season means the show is no longer suitable for families includes. People have been saying, “We have always looked forward to DWTS but this year it will be banned from all televisions in the house. How do I explain Chaz Bono to my 7 year old daughter? Um well she says she’s a he but he looks like a he only he has she parts. Ridiculous. Way to ruin a good family show.” Someone else also put in their two cents saying, “Having bono on the show shows how far americas morals have dropped. gay is in and now transgendering. whats next? people who have married their animals? or how about dancing with hookers, that would really be popular.”

Below I’ve posted a few other ridiculous statements that I found on the ABC message board, just in case you ever doubted that the world has more than a few insufferable people in it.

“1. Chastity Bono is not a star; she is the child of two stars. 2. ABC is giving its seal of approval to body mutilation for those with gender identity disorder. 3. It is not bigoted to state facts. 4. It is very Christian and loving to show a person her error, so that she may either correct it or at least not wallow in her sin. Chastity Bono should live a chaste life. 5. Not accepting social anarchy does not make one hateful. 6. The word “hate” has been co-opted by those who wish to paint others who simply disagree with them in a bad light. It is no longer used in its proper sense, as in “despise.””

“Dancing with the stars in desperate! Chaz is nothing more than a woman dressed up like a man! So much for a family show! The good thing is she/he will not be on the show long due to the size of she/him! Disgusting!”

“GOD saw to it that Cher gave birth to a girl……… Who are we to change our sex simply because someone decides it more fun to be gay than a lesbian. I have no problem with gays or lesbians, I do however have a problem with someone who wants to be a man with a female part…. i mean really.. He may dance well but I would rather watch a gay Carsen than a confused person who doesn’t know what sex they want to be….. GOD did not make us one sex so we could decide we wanted to be another sex……..”

“Honestly i dont care if other people know that i can change my channel. I am posting this so that abc knows that I will not be watching. I am all about people being treated humanely and justly. I do not have to agree with their lifestyles and watch it being flaunted on tv. I don’t have kids and dread the day that i do because of how sick our society is becoming.”

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Source: ABC