Dane and Gayheart slam new drug report as ‘bunch of lies’

The actors have become tabloid fodder in recent months with details emerging about their sex lives and reported drug taking.

The latest report in the National Enquirer suggests Dane and Gayheart were spotted snorting a white powder at a bash in the Hollywood Hills in late 2008.

A source tells the publication, “I think Eric and Rebecca were there to get high. It didn’t take long before she asked where the coke was. They went into another room and started snorting lines of cocaine. I watched them do it… I saw Rebecca snort lines a couple of times – and Eric at least once.”

But the couple has slammed the allegations, blasting the insider’s account as a “bunch of lies”.

Their representative tells GossipCop.com, “It’s mean and untrue. If it happened, where are the photos?”

Dane and Gayheart made headlines last month (Aug09) when home video footage of the pair frolicking naked with pal Kari Ann Peniche leaked online.

The video featured the seemingly intoxicated threesome passing a camera around and dreaming up porn names for each other.