Daniel Ash


Music (11)

G.B.F. 2014 (Movie)

("Go! (Club Mix)") (Song)

The Guest 2014 (Movie)

("Haunted When The Minutes Drag") (Song)

Vampire Academy 2014 (Movie)

("Bela Lugosi's Dead") (Song)

White Bird in a Blizzard 2014 (Movie)

("A Private Future") (Song)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2012 (Movie)

("No New Tale To Tell") (Song)

Repo! The Genetic Opera 2008 (Movie)

Guitar (Music)

Good Luck Chuck 2007 (Movie)

("Bela Lugosi's Dead") (Song)

American Psycho 2000 (Movie)


The Curve 1998 (Movie)

("Bela Lugosi's Dead") (Song)

The Real Blonde 1998 (Movie)

("Voo Doo Baby") (Song)

Grosse Pointe Blank 1997 (Movie)

("Go") (Song)


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