Daniel Auteuil

Actor, Director, Singer
This offbeat-looking player with a piercing gaze, is perhaps best known in the USA for his galvanizing, heavily made-up performance as Yves Montand's buffoonish and pathetic nephew Ugolin in Claude Berri's diptych "Jean ... Read more »
Born: 01/24/1950 in Algeria


Actor (77)

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Que les gros salaires levent le doigt!!! 1981 (Movie)

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Les Sous-Doues 1979 (Movie)


A nous deux 1978 (Movie)


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Monsieur Papa 1976 (Movie)

Dede (Actor)
Director (3)

Fanny 2014 (Movie)


Marius 2014 (Movie)


The Well Digger's Daughter 2012 (Movie)

Writer (2)

Marius 2014 (Movie)


The Well Digger's Daughter 2012 (Movie)



This offbeat-looking player with a piercing gaze, is perhaps best known in the USA for his galvanizing, heavily made-up performance as Yves Montand's buffoonish and pathetic nephew Ugolin in Claude Berri's diptych "Jean de Florette" (1985) and "Manon of the Spring" (1986). Hailed by Toronto Sun critic Bruce Kirkland as "the most underappreciated French actor of his generation," Daniel Auteuil is equally at home portraying contemporary figures or historical personages. He combines the skill and grace of a leading man with the wide range of a character player and regardless of the material, proves completely compelling.



had brief relationship c. 1996

Aude Ambroggi

Corsican married July 22, 2006 in Oporto-Vecchi, Corsica

Aurore Auteuil Actor

born c. 1980 mother Anne Jousset

Nelly Auteuil

born c. 1992 mother, Emmanuelle Beart

Emmanuelle Beart

appeared together in such films as "Love on the Quiet" (1984), "Manon des sources" (1986) and "Un Coeur en hiver" (1992) together from the mid-1980s married in 1993 divorced in 1995

Marianne Denicourt

together since c. 1997 appeared together on stage in "The Blue Room" (2000) and on screen in "The Lost Son" (1999) and "Sade" (2000) no longer together

Anne Jousset Actor

mother of his daughter Aurore no longer together


Ecole Florent




Played a a Parisian tycoon with a highly developed aptitude for deceit in Francis Veber's "The Valet"


Cast in Patrice Leconte's film "My Best Friend"


Co-starred with Juliette Binoche in "Caché," the French-language film, written and directed by Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke


Starred opposite Kristin Scott Thomas in "Petites Coupures", written and directed by Pascal Bonitzer


Reteamed with Gerard Depardieu in the thriller "Vidocq"


Returned to comedy to play a dull office worker who faced with losing his job is persuaded to make the claim he's gay (even though he isn't) in "Le Placard/The Closet"; Gerard Depardieu co-starred


Had title role in Benoit Jacquot's period biopic "Sade"


Starred in the Paris production of David Hare's "The Blue Room"


Reteamed with Leconte as a French-Canadian army captain who with his wife (Juliette Binoche) attempt to rehabilitate a man sentenced to death in "La Veuve de Saint-Pierre/The Widow of Saint-Pierre"


Delivered an award-winning turn as a carnival knife thrower who rescues a woman from suicide and forms a symbiotic bond with her in "La Fille sur le pont/Girl on the Bridge", helmed by Patrice Leconte


English-language acting debut in "The Lost Son" as a French detective in London searching for the missing adult child of an elderly couple


Portrayed a member of the Resistance married to the title character in the fact-based "Lucie Aubrac"


Won international acclaim for starring in "Le Huitieme jour/The Eighth Day"


Reunited with Deneuve and Techine for "Les Voleurs/Thieves"


Acted with Beart in "Une Femme francaise"


Played King Henry of Naverre in Patrice Chereau's costume drama "La Reine Margot/Queen Margot"


Acted on stage in "Woyzeck"


Cast as Catherine Deneuve's brother in Andre Techine's "Ma Saison preferee/My Favorite Season"


Delivered a strong performance as a violin maker who competes with his boss for the affections of a musician in Claude Sautet's "Un Coeur en hiver"


Portrayed a businessman whose yogurt empire is on the verge of collapse whose black cleaning lady comes to his assistance in "Romuald et Juliette/Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed"


Turned down one of the leading roles in the farce "Trois hommes et un couffin/Three Men and a Cradle" in order to play the role of Ugolin in Claude Berri's films, "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des Sources", opposite future wife Emmanuelle Beart


First film opposite future wife Emmanuelle Beart, "L'amour en douce/Love on the Quiet"


Appeared in the sequel, "Les Sous-doues en vacances/The Under-Gifted on Vacation", directed by Zidi


First collaboration with director Edouard Molinaro, "Pour cent briques t'as plus rien"


Directed and starred in a theatrical adaptation of Gerard Lauzier's "Le garcon d'appartement"


Co-starred in Zidi's "Les Sous-doues/The Under-Gifted"


Appeared in the film "A nous deux", directed by Claude Lelouch


Gave an award-winning stage performance in the French adaptation of Bernard Slade's play "Tribute"


First of three films for director Claude Zidi, "Bete mais discipline/Dumb But Disciplined"


Played one of his earliest leading roles in "Heros n'ont pas froid aux d'oreilles/Heroes Are Not Wet Behind the Ears"


Made film debut in "L'Agression", starring Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Lous Trintignant and directed by Gerard Pires


Performed in the chorus of the Paris production of the American musical, "Godspell"; then appeared in musicals for next two years


Moved to Paris; landed first stage role in "Early Morning"

Raised in Avignon in the south of France

Returned to the Paris stage in 1986 in "L'Amuse-Gueule", a comedy by Gaerard Lauzier directed by Pierre Mondy, and in 1988 in "La double inconstance", directed by Bernard Murat

Wanted to follow in his parents' footsteps and perform in operetta, but with the genre in decline he went into the theater instead