Daniel Pettipher


Visual Effects & Animation (26)

Captain America: Civil War 2016 (Movie)

Studio Support(Cinesite) (Visual Effects)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 (Movie)

Production Support(Cinesite) (Visual Effects)

Maggie 2015 (Movie)

Production Support(Cinesite) (Visual Effects)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 2014 (Movie)

Production And Technical Support(Cinesite Ltd) (Visual Effects)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 2014 (Movie)

(Cinesite) (Visual Effects)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 2010 (Movie)

Visual Effects Production Manager(Cinesite Ltd) (Visual Effects)

Inkheart 2009 (Movie)

Production Support(Cinesite (Europe) Ltd) (Visual Effects)

Into the Storm 2008 - 2009 (TV Show)

Visual Effects Supervisor

Fred Claus 2007 (Movie)

Digital Artist(Cinesite (Europe) Ltd.) (Digital Effects Artist)

Stardust 2007 (Movie)

Production Support(Cinesite (Europe) Ltd.) (Visual Effects)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2005 (Movie)

Technical Support(Cinesite) (Software Engineer)

Rome 2005 (Tv Show)

Digital Effects

In America 2003 (Movie)

Sequence Supervisor(Mill Film) (Effects Supervisor)

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life 2003 (Movie)

Composite Supervisor(The Moving Picture Company, London) (Compositing Supervisor)

K-19: The Widowmaker 2002 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Supervisor)

The Shipping News 2001 (Movie)

2-D digital supervisor(Mill Film/visual effects) (Effects Supervisor)

Proof of Life 2000 (Movie)

2-D digital supervisor(Mill Company Limited/special visual effects) (Effects Supervisor)

Ratcatcher 2000 (Movie)

domino compositer (Visual Effects)

RKO 281 1999 (Movie)

2-D digital supervisor (Effects Supervisor)

Lost in Space 1998 (Movie)

domino artist(The Magic Camera Company/CGI digital effects unit) (Animator)

Shakespeare in Love 1998 (Movie)

domino artist(visual effects unit) (Animator)

The Borrowers 1998 (Movie)

2-D digital artist(Magic Camera Company) (2-D Artist)

Hamlet 1996 (Movie)

digital technical(The Magic Camera Company) (Visual Effects)

In Love and War 1996 (Movie)

digital artist (Visual Effects)

Muppet Treasure Island 1996 (Movie)

digital artist(The Magic Camera Company) (Visual Effects)

Octopus (TV Show)

Effects Supervisor
Production Management (10)

Miss You Already 2015 (Movie)

Facility Production Manager(Cinesite) (Facilities Supervisor)

John Carter 2012 (Movie)

Facility Production Manager(Cinesite) (Production Manager)

Marmaduke 2010 (Movie)

Facility Production Manager(Cinesite (Europe) Ltd) (Production Manager)

Moon 2009 (Movie)

(Cinesite) (Production Manager)

Bedtime Stories 2008 (Movie)

(Cinesite Europe Ltd) (Production Supervisor)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2008 (Movie)

(Cinesite (Europe) Unlimited) (Production Supervisor)

The Golden Compass 2007 (Movie)

(Cinesite (Europe) Ltd.) (Production Manager)

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker 2006 (Movie)

(Cinesite) (Production Manager)

Little Man 2006 (Movie)

(Cinesite (Europe) Ltd.) (Production Manager)

The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy 2005 (Movie)

(Cinesite) (Production Manager)
Executive (5)

Enigma 2002 (Movie)

digital supervisor(Mill Film) (Supervisor)

Maybe Baby 2001 (Movie)

digital supervisor (Supervisor)

Love's Labour's Lost 2000 (Movie)

(The Magic Camera Company/visual & miniature effects) (Supervisor)

Pitch Black 2000 (Movie)

domino supervisor(The Magic Camera Company/digital visual effects) (Supervisor)

The Avengers 1998 (Movie)

model supervisor(The Magic Model Company) (Supervisor)
Other (1)

Generation Kill 2008 (Tv Show)