Darren Aronofsky Films Four Anti-Meth PSAs

Darren Aronofsky is now known for an infatuation with ballerinas and how they balance their suicidal thoughts with their particularly aggressive ballet instructors, but his new anti-meth PSAs remind us how he originally got his status from portraying heart wrenching and agonizing drug addictions. His four new ads portray various teenagers suffering from their dependence on methamphetamines, and recalling how they weren’t aware of how terrible their lives would become when they took their first hits.

The commercials were produced for the Meth Project by Wild Plum, and the PSAs “aim to reduce first-time meth use with hard-hitting and graphic portrayals,” and I think we can all agree they’ve succeeded in their most recent endeavor. So great job to them. I assume we can call them when we’re up at 3:30 AM because we’re scared of having nightmares but Minesweeper just isn’t cutting it anymore, yes?

Source: NYMag