Daryl Hannah Arrested for Criminal Trespassing

daryl hannah arrestedDaryl Hannah had a interesting Thursday night. The famed 51-year-old Splash star was arrested on Thursday for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest, a Wood County Texas Jail official tells Hollywood.com. While she did have to spend some time behind bars, Hannah bonded out around midnight. In order to be released, Hannah had to pay a $1,500 bond on the criminal trespass charge and $3,000 for resisting arrest.

So what landed Hannah behind bars in the first place? Hannah was supposedly protesting the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, CBS News reports. Hannah and 78-year-old landowner Eleanor Fairchild were reportedly standing in front of equipment on Fairchild’s farm in Winnsboro, Tex. in an attempt to keep the construction from progressing.

This isn’t the first time that Hannah has been arrested for protesting the TransCanada pipeline. She was picked up in August 2011 in Washington, where several hundred other individuals were arrested the same month for standing up against the building of the $7 billion pipeline, which will bring crude oil from Alberta, Canada to Texas Gulf Coast refineries.

“It is unfortunate Ms. Hannah and other out-of-state activists have chosen to break the law by illegally trespassing on private property,” David Dodson, a spokesman for TransCanada, said, of Hannah’s recent arrest. He also claimed that the protestors were “putting their own safety and the safety of others at risk.”

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