Dave Bennett


Other (12)

Knight of Cups 2016 (Movie)

Completion Bond(Film Finances, Inc.) (Other)

Last Days in the Desert 2016 (Movie)

Completion Bond(Film Finances, Inc.) (Accountant)

A Most Violent Year 2014 (Movie)

Completion Bond Provider(Film Finances) (Other)

At Middleton 2014 (Movie)

Completion Guarantor(Film Finances, Inc.) (Rights & Clearances)

Selma 2014 (Movie)

Completion Guarantor(Film Finances, Inc) (Other)

All Is Lost 2013 (Movie)

Completion Bond Provider(Film Finances) (Other)

Free Birds 2013 (Movie)

Completion Guarantor(Film Finances, Inc.) (Production Insurance)

9 2009 (Movie)

Completion Bond(Film Finances) (Other)

Silent Hill 2006 (Movie)

Completion Guarantee (Production Insurance)

Thank You for Smoking 2006 (Movie)

Completion Guarantor (Accountant)

Domino 2005 (Movie)

Film Finances (Accountant)

Valiant 2005 (Movie)

Bond Completion(Film Finances, Inc.) (Finance Manager)