Dave Kindlon


Physical Effects (14)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003 (Movie)


A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001 (Movie)

key 'Mecha' animatronic designer(Stan Winston Studio/Teddy & robotic characters design & creation) (Animatronics)

Scary Movie 2 2001 (Movie)

Skeleton Mechanical Department(Animal Makers) (Animatronics)

Stuart Little 1999 (Movie)

(Patrick Tatopoulos Designs/animatronic creatures) (Puppeteer)

That Darn Cat 1997 (Movie)

(Animal Makers Inc) (Animatronics)

That Darn Cat 1997 (Movie)


The Yearling 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Basket Case 3: The Progeny 1992 (Movie)

animatronics supervisor(creatures and make-up effects) (Animatronics)

Leprechaun 1992 (Movie)


Munchie 1992 (Movie)

Munchie creator (Puppets Design)

Spaced Invaders 1990 (Movie)

animatronic crew(martian) (Animatronics)

DeepStar Six 1989 (Movie)

animatronics supervisor (Animatronics)

The Monster Squad 1987 (Movie)

monster mechanical department staff (Animatronics)

From Beyond 1986 (Movie)

Pretorius creature and body prosthetics(animatronics) (Prosthetics)
Visual Effects & Animation (7)

I, Robot 2004 (Movie)

Digital Modeler(Patrick Tatopoulos Designs, Inc.) (Modelmaker)

I, Robot 2004 (Movie)

Mechanical Designer(Patrick Tatopoulos Designs, Inc.) (Mechanical Special Effects)

Stuart Little 1999 (Movie)

key mechanical designer (Visual Effects Designer)

Godzilla 1998 (Movie)

key mechanical designer(Patrick Tatopoulos Designs/"Godzilla creature fabrication) (Visual Effects Designer)

Brain Damage 1988 (Movie)

(animatronics) (Special Effects)

Gorillas in the Mist 1988 (Movie)

special effects mechnical designer (Mechanical Special Effects)

Predator 1987 (Movie)

creature effects unit(mechanical department) (Special Effects)
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (4)

Basket Case 3: The Progeny 1992 (Movie)


The Hidden 1987 (Movie)

special makeup effects crew member (Special Makeup Effects)

Trick or Treat 1986 (Movie)

special makeup assistant (Makeup Assistant)

Day of the Dead 1985 (Movie)

special makeup effects crew (Special Makeup Effects)
Actor (1)

Day of the Dead 1985 (Movie)

Zombie (Actor)
Other (4)

From Dusk Till Dawn 1996 (Movie)

mechanic (Other)

Wolf 1994 (Movie)

mechanical crew (Other)

The Blob 1988 (Movie)

mechanic (Other)

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn 1987 (Movie)

mechanicals (Other)