Dave Rand


Visual Effects & Animation (18)

Moana 2016 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Seventh Son 2015 (Movie)

FX Artist(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Visual Effects)

Frozen 2013 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Effects Coordinator)

Life of Pi 2012 (Movie)

FX Artist(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Special Effects)

Mars Needs Moms 2011 (Movie)

Effects & Crowds TD (Effects Coordinator)

Disney's A Christmas Carol 2009 (Movie)

Effects & Crowds TD (Effects Coordinator)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008 (Movie)

FX Animation Team Lead(Meteor Studios) (Animation Supervisor)

Flyboys 2006 (Movie)

3D Supervisor(EFX) (3-D Artist)

The Triangle 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)

Visual Effects

Fantastic Four 2005 (Movie)

Lead FX Artist(Meteor Studios) (Digital Effects Artist)

The Matrix Reloaded 2003 (Movie)

FX Animator(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animator)

Eight Legged Freaks 2002 (Movie)

FX Animator(Centropolis Effects) (Animator)

The Scorpion King 2002 (Movie)

(CFX/DAS WERK) (3-D Animator)

The Patriot 2000 (Movie)

(Centropolis Effects/visual effects) (3-D Animator)

What Women Want 2000 (Movie)

digital artist(Centropolis Effects/special visual effects) (Visual Effects)

Jack Frost 1998 (Movie)

3-D digital artist(Rainmaker Digital Pictures/special visual effects) (3-D Artist)

Flubber 1997 (Movie)

3-D animation(Rainmaker Digital Pictures) (3-D Animator)

Mr. Magoo 1997 (Movie)

(Rainmaker Digital Pictures) (3-D Animator)