David Arquette Says ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Is Giving Him A Six-Pack

Looks like David Arquette has quite the situation on his hands. The actor claims that besides the usual bumps and bruises that come with the intense dance rehearsals for the ABC hit show, Dancing with the Stars, his body is going through a few other changes as well…in the form of a six-pack. On Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Arquette discussed the effects of the grueling dance workouts, saying, “I’m exhausted. I’ve been dancing for like, five hours a day. It’s amazing. Every bone aches.” He also adds that, “I’m starting to get a little ‘Situation,'” when talking about his emerging six-pack abs. Why do I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him without his shirt on during at least one of his dance numbers…

Aside from Chaz Bono, Arquette is one of the most talked about contestants to compete for the Mirror Ball trophy this season. He’s been through a lot over the past year, with entering rehab and separating from his Cougar Town wife, Courteney Cox. So what made him decide to take the offer and hit the dance floor this year? The star claims, “I did it because I love dancing. It’s part of joy. … A lot of the themes that are involved with dancing are involved with sort of my way of life now. Balance, staying connected to your core, being in touch with everything around you, the flow of life.” But the real question is, can he extend that sense of flow on the dance floor?

His life seems to be less rocky at this point, but things looked pretty dark for a while. When asked point-blank if his drinking contributed to the breakdown of his marriage to Courteney, David responded, “We had grown apart for quite a while, and I was just really heartbroken over it. I used it as an excuse to accelerate my drinking.” He goes on to say,  “You know, to be honest, I didn’t want to live anymore. I was just so heartbroken and distraught and my family was broken. I didn’t know how to deal with these feelings.” Let’s hope this show helps him land on his feet (literally) and keep him on the path of straight and narrow.

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Source: People