David Arquette To Host ‘Ranking The Stars’

david arquetteDavid Arquette, Courteney Cox‘s “son,” has signed a deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to help develop and host a new game show called Ranking The Stars, which of course is based on something Japanese.

Ranking The Stars will take a bunch of celebrities and ask them to rank each other in terms of how likely or unlikely they are to do something embarrassing. Variety says the show “requires celebrities to be self-deprecating” about whether or not they’d do something SO UNCHARACTERISTIC OF CELEBRITIES THESE DAYS, like informing the paparazzi on where they’ll be having dinner or the existence of their own sex tape. But really, those two things aren’t embarrassing. What’s much more embarrassing is making your wife feel like your mother.

Arquette feels the show’s style is perfect for him because a lot of his humor is based on his shortcomings in life (can you believe Cox wasn’t with him for EVEN LONGER?!), as he believes his “flaws are what make [him] funny, and [he] has no problem letting people poke fun at that.” And YES, David! Understand though, a show where celebrities talk about doing embarrassing things is no substitute for going on Howard Stern and doing the real thing

Source: Variety