David Beckham Runs Through LA in His Underwear: Yes, You Want to Watch This!

david beckham underwear commercial

Personally, I have never worn David Beckham‘s underwear. No, not his actual real garments (if I could only be so lucky) but the line he designed and is shilling for H&M. Still, I think I can say that the best thing about the skivvies are that Beckham has appeared wearing only them in all of their commercials. No matter how many times I see that chiseled, tattoo-decorated body, I just want to see it more and more.

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For his latest commercial, oh, I’m sorry short film, director Guy Ritchie (you know, Madonna‘s ex) has Beckham bending it all around an L.A. neighborhood in his underwear. It’s fast-paced and wonderful and you get to see his butt flexing in his tight boxer briefs. God, you don’t want to read about this man in his undies (that is like watching a feast on television), so just go watch the thing below. What took you so long!

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