David Bowie Releases New ‘Valentine’s Day’ Video

Credit: Columbia Records

We’ve still got another seven months to go before Valentine’s Day (and frankly most of us are still wallowing in self-pity after this past Februrary’s romantic misadventures) but that hasn’t stopped David Bowie from releasing a music video for his newest single, “Valentine’s Day.”

Mere seconds into the video, it’s clear that Bowie’s “Valentine’s Day” is not exactly a Hallmark card. We see the music legend amidst giant concrete columns in some sort of abandoned warehouse. As he sits on a stool and strums a red headless guitar, his facial expressions become increasingly more intense. The effect is augmented by closeups of his freaky mismatched eyes (the result of a scuffle over some girl during his teenage years) and the occasional shot of him dancing around like his awesomely weird David Bowie self.

Compared to his past clips, “Valentine’s Day” is relatively toned down, relying on Bowie’s naturally expressive countenance and distinctive voice as he croons lyrics like “It’s in his scrawny hands / It’s in his icy heart.” It’s truly chilling.

“Valentine’s Day” is the fourth single off The Next Day, Bowie’s first album in 10 years, and according to producer Tony Visconti, it’s about a high school shooter. We’re fans of the song, and the video is undeniably thrilling. But the next time we have a hankering for a February-14-themed tune from an aging but iconic musician, we’ll go with Paul McCartney’s “Valentine.” At least that one appears to be about love.

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