David Cassidy Arrested For DUI

david cassidyDavid Cassidy of The Partridge Family was arrested last night when he was driving down Florida’s Turnpike around 8:00 PM. Florida Highway Patrol spotted him swerving onto and off the road. He told police he had had a glass of wine around lunchtime and took a hydrocodone painkiller a few hours before, and that was why he was driving somewhat recklessly. The police report says Cassidy was “swaying while standing” when he was asked to exit his vehicle, and when he was given two breathalyzer tests and he blew a .139 and a .141, which is obviously over the legal limit of .08. When Cassidy’s car was searched, an empty bottle of Labrot Graham Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon was found in the back seat.

This morning, Cassidy’s representative, Jo-Ann Geffen, told TMZ that Cassidy’s poor driving was because he was tired from a funeral he attended that morning, and that he DEFINITELY wasn’t drunk. Additionally, Cassidy is refuting the results he blew on the breathalyzers by insisting “his true blood content was not properly measured.” Geffen added Cassidy is already searching for a lawyer and wants to fight the charges. She concluded her statement by saying Cassidy “would never jeopardize anyone on the road and he would and he would not have been driving if he had to go to a funeral…he’s never been arrested in his life before for anything.”

Driving drunk is obviously bad, if not because it puts others at risk on the road, then because it leads to you realizing if that crazy astronaut lady outfitted a diaper for herself so she could drive across the country to see her lover, it convinces you that you can certainly make it home from a funeral after drinking some bourbon and peeing in a Poland Spring bottle. But overall, drunk driving is bad and nobody should do it – not even child stars. But if you are going to do it, it’s a really bad idea to insist taking a second breathalyzer.

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