David Ebner


Visual Effects & Animation (26)

The Expendables 3 2014 (Movie)

(Resistance VFX) (Compositor)

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 2011 (Movie)

Stereoscopic Producer(Stereo Pictures Dynamic 3D) (Visual Effects Producer)

Alice in Wonderland 2010 (Movie)

Senior VFX Supervisor(CafeFX) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Love Ranch 2010 (Movie)

(Cafe Fx) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 (Movie)

(CafeFX Inc) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

The Happening 2008 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Supervisor)

Ghost Rider 2007 (Movie)

Sequence Supervisor (Animation Supervisor)

The Kite Runner 2007 (Movie)

(Cafe Fx Inc) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Pan's Labyrinth 2006 (Movie)

VFX Executive Producer(CafeFX Inc.) (Visual Effects Producer)

Scary Movie 4 2006 (Movie)

(Cafe FX, Inc.) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

The Good Shepherd 2006 (Movie)

(CafeFX Inc.) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Underworld: Evolution 2006 (Movie)

(CafeFX Inc.) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Are We There Yet? 2005 (Movie)

Digital Effects Supervisor(CafeFX) (Effects Supervisor)

Danika 2005 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Supervisor)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 (Movie)

Production Executive(CafeFX, Inc.) (Visual Effects Producer)

Blade: Trinity 2004 (Movie)

(CafeFX Inc.) (Effects Supervisor)

Hellboy 2004 (Movie)

Facility Effects Supervisor(Cafe FX) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Gothika 2003 (Movie)

Digital Effects Supervisor(CafeFX) (Effects Supervisor)

Identity 2003 (Movie)

(Effects Supervisor)

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over 2003 (Movie)

(Computer Cafe Inc) (Effects Supervisor)

The Core 2003 (Movie)


Halloween: Resurrection 2002 (Movie)

Digital Effects Supervisor (Digital Effects Artist)

Panic Room 2002 (Movie)

Digital Effects Supervisor (Digital Effects)

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 2002 (Movie)

Digital Effects Supervisor(Computer Cafe) (Effects Supervisor)

Star Kid 1998 (Movie)

animation/digital paint (Animator)

Flubber 1997 (Movie)

(Computer Cafe) (Effects Supervisor)
Executive (8)

Evan Almighty 2007 (Movie)

CaféFX Production Executive(Caféfx Inc) (Production Executive)

The Mist 2007 (Movie)

(CafeFX) (Production Executive)

Snakes on a Plane 2006 (Movie)

(Cafe FX) (Production Executive)

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 2006 (Movie)

(CafeFX Inc.) (Production Executive)

Sin City 2005 (Movie)

(Cafe FX, Inc.) (Production Executive)

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D 2005 (Movie)

(Cafe FX Inc) (Production Executive)

The Aviator 2004 (Movie)

(CafeFX) (Production Executive)

The Flight of the Phoenix 2004 (Movie)

Senior Management(Cafe FX) (Executive in Charge)
Producer (1)

Danika 2005 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)
Production Management (1)

Barney's Great Adventure 1998 (Movie)

technical director/animation (Technical Director)
Other (2)

Wes Craven Presents Wishmaster 1997 (Movie)

pixel wrangler(Computer Cafe Inc) (Wrangler)

Lord of Illusions 1995 (Movie)

pixel wrangler(Computer Cafe) (Wrangler)