David Hardberger

Born: 02/11/1948


Camera, Film, & Tape (24)

Rambo 2008 (Movie)

(Grant McCune Design Inc) (Camera Operator)

Charlie Wilson's War 2007 (Movie)

(4Ward Productions) (Camera Operator)

The List 2006 - 2007 (TV Show)

Camera Operator

Peter Pan 2003 (Movie)

(Miniatures Unit) (Director of Photography)

The Core 2003 (Movie)

(Miniatures) (Director of Photography)

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003 (Movie)

(Lava and Paths of the Dead Miniatures Unit) (Director of Photography)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002 (Movie)

(Miniatures Unit) (Director of Photography)

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)

Director of Photography

Dinosaur 2000 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

Vertical Limit 2000 (Movie)

(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Director of Photography)

Dante's Peak 1997 (Movie)

(Digital Domain) (Director of Photography)

Daylight 1996 (Movie)

(Illusion Arts Inc) (Camera Operator)

Sunchaser 1996 (Movie)

location matte photography (Photography)

The Phantom 1996 (Movie)

VistaVision camera operator(Buena Vista Visual Effects) (Camera Operator)

Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill 1995 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Plate crew) (Director of Photography)

Beethoven's 2nd 1993 (Movie)

stage & plate camera(Buena Vista Visual Effects) (Camera)

Alien3 1992 (Movie)

(Boss Film) (Camera Operator)

Dick Tracy 1990 (Movie)

effects camera operator(Buena Vista) (Camera Operator)

The Best of Times 1986 (Movie)

(Camera Assistant)

Brainstorm 1983 (Movie)

lead camera operator technician (Camera Operator)

Return of the Jedi 1983 (Movie)

effects photography (Photography)

Blade Runner 1982 (Movie)


Star Trek: the Motion Picture 1979 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 (Movie)

(Camera Assistant)
Physical Effects (8)

The Cell 2000 (Movie)

motion control operator(visual effects photography) (Motion Control)

Executive Decision 1996 (Movie)

motion control operator(Motion Control photography unit) (Motion Control)

Judge Dredd 1995 (Movie)

motion control camera operator(Mass Illusion) (Motion Control)

Spaceballs 1987 (Movie)

motion control photography (Motion Control)

Flight of the Navigator 1986 (Movie)

motion control photography (Motion Control)

2010 1984 (Movie)

motion control technician (Motion Control)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension 1984 (Movie)

motion control technician (Motion Control)

Scorpio One (TV Show)

Motion Control
Visual Effects & Animation (4)

Serenity 2005 (Movie)

SFX Operator(Grant McCune Design, Inc.) (Special Effects)

Vertical Limit 2000 (Movie)

(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Miniatures)

Sliders 1994 - 1995 (Tv Show)

Visual Effects Supervisor

Wargames 1983 (Movie)

computer graphics unit (Graphics)
Other (1)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002 (Movie)

MoCon Programmer(Miniatures Unit) (Other)