David Hasselhoff Fired from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

After it was announced in January of 2010 that David Hasselhoff was leaving his spot at the judges table on America’s Got Talent, it was reported that he was too busy to participate on the NBC show because he pursuing his own reality show. The Los Angeles Times confirmed the news that the Baywatch star had, in fact, landed a spot in A&E’s programming, where cameras would follow him as he works to help his daughters (Taylor-Ann and Hayley) get their singing careers started. However, rumors that Hasselhoff’s problem with alcohol was the real reason why he left America’s Got Talent, and the still nonexistence of such a show on A&E only strengthened the suspicion that a drinking problem remained.

The Hoff’s future perked up when he was cast as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent in December of 2010, and of the new job, Hasselhoff said, “I’m a massive fan of Britain’s Got Talent and am extremely excited to be a judge on the new series. I was so thrilled when Simon Cowell asked me that I immediately wanted to run into Ant and Dec’s arms to celebrate.” But unfortunately things must have gone south because today, we learned that Hoff has been let go from his position on the show. An insider told Perez Hilton, “David was a great booking at the time. We thought he’d bring loads of laugh and warmth but it didn’t work out. He was fun but had no connection with the acts. The panel lacked sparkle and it was reflected in the acts that went through.” The insider added that additional reasons for why the show felt a little out-of-whack was because David had problems understanding the contestants’ accents, and the acts that the judges praised “were below par.”

So what’s next for the Hoff? As weird as it is to say, he can pretty much do anything. Lord knows he’s certainly got a jacket for it all.

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