David Meeking


Art Department (24)

Burnt 2015 (Movie)


Victor Frankenstein 2015 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

Good People 2014 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

Muppets Most Wanted 2014 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

World War Z 2013 (Movie)


John Carter 2012 (Movie)

Chargehand Painter (Painter)

Les Misérables 2012 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

Life of Pi 2012 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

Captain America: The First Avenger 2011 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

Robin Hood 2010 (Movie)


Wanted 2008 (Movie)

Dept. Head Painter (Painter)

Fred Claus 2007 (Movie)

Hod Painter (Painter)

Hannibal Rising 2007 (Movie)

Scenic Painter (Painter)

Casino Royale 2006 (Movie)


Miss Potter 2006 (Movie)

Scenic Painter (Scenic Artist)

The Da Vinci Code 2006 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

Oliver Twist 2005 (Movie)

Head Scenic Painter (Scenic Artist)

Sahara 2005 (Movie)

Head of Department Painter (Painter)

Eurotrip 2004 (Movie)

Scenic Painter (Painter)

Van Helsing 2004 (Movie)

Lead Scenic Artist(Prague Unit) (Scenic Artist)

Shanghai Knights 2003 (Movie)

Scenic Painter (Painter)

The Good Thief 2003 (Movie)

HOD Painter (Painter)

The Pianist 2002 (Movie)

Supervising Painter (Painter)

The Scarlet Letter 1995 (Movie)

head scenic artist (Scenic Artist)
Executive (1)

Jewel of the Nile 1985 (Movie)

painting supervisor (Supervisor)
Other (6)

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation 2015 (Movie)


Enigma 2002 (Movie)

hod painter (Other)

The Beach 2000 (Movie)

HOD painter (Other)

Emma 1996 (Movie)

stand-by painter (Other)

City of Joy 1992 (Movie)

painter (Other)

Business As Usual 1988 (Movie)

painter(standby) (Other)