David O. Russell Accused of Groping Transsexual Nephew

ALTDirector David O. Russell, no stranger to questionable behavior, has been accused of groping his transsexual nephew, who is 19 years old.

Nicolas Peloquin, the son of Russell’s adoptive sister, filed a police report against the Fighter director, claiming Russell offered to help with ab exercises at a hotel gym in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and hovered around his genital area (Peloquin told police that he is “a transgender but has not gone through the male to female operation”) — after which Russell “felt both [of Peloqin’s] breasts.”

Russell’s side of the story: It happened, but at the request of Peloquin, who asked the filmmaker to feel his hormone-injected breasts. Russell said Peloquin then made him “pinky swear” about the incident.

Source: The Smoking Gun, The Wrap