It’s Okay To Admit That You’re Devastated By The End Of Khloé And Lamar

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar OdomWENN 

It started with the rumors. Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom were supposedly breaking up, but you couldn’t believe it. You made up excuses when Lamar was spotted coming out of a hotel without Khloé; you brushed away the ridiculous notion that Lamar was on drugs. Lies! They were all lies! There was no way you’d spent four years championing the cutest couple ever … and the only Kardashian couple that actually seemed to make sense in a real way. C’mon. Khloé and Lamar? They were the last of the hopeless romantics!

But alas, the rumors have proved themselves true, with Khloé filing for divorce earlier this month. And even though lots of folks are anti-Kardashian these days, and even if most of your favorite celebrity couples seem to end up this way, it still came as a shock to many of us that the two were calling it quits. Khloé is easily the coolest of the Kardashian crew, and throughout these past few years she always seemed to put her relationship with Lamar first. They suffered through changes in Lamar’s NBA career, fertility issues, family drama, and all the while had each other’s backs. So it’s okay. It’s okay to admit that you were into them as a couple. And it’s okay to admit that you’re kinda, sorta devastaded by the end of Khlamar. He may be the reason they’re over — he may, in fact, be struggling with a drug problem — but he’ll always be “Lamby” to many of us.