Demi and Ashton Reconnect: Friendliest Exes Ever?

demi moore, ashton kutcherTheir divorce could’ve easily turned into a War of the Roses. But Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher seem to be heading toward a much happier place. 

E! News reports the actor has reached out to his estranged wife since she returned from her nearly month-long stint in rehab last week and the duo hope to establish a friendship. A source revealed that Kutcher visited Moore’s house on Feb. 25, explaining, “He came to her house to see her for about an hour and a half.”

The reunion wasn’t an attempt at a reconciliation, especially since Kutcher was also accompanied by three male friends. No, this was just a friendly visit to check on his ex and see how she’s doing.

But these two aren’t the only set of exes who have tried to remain on friendly terms post-breakup. Exes Courteney Cox and David Arquette maintain a very strong connection. Even after their split in October 2010, Cox was seen supporting her ex week after week, during his stint on Dancing With the Stars. And while their healthy relationship could partially be for the sake of their adorable daughter Coco, it’s clear that these two will always be special to each other.

Additionally, Denise Richards has remained good friends with Charlie Sheen even amidst rehab stints, goddess troubles, and public meltdowns. Normally you would expect someone to head for the hills when faced with such insanity, but not Richards. She even stayed by her ex’s side when his third marriage derailed. Needless to say, Sheen’s lucky to have such an understanding woman in his life.

And let’s not forget Moore’s incredible relationship with her second husband, Bruce Willis. The pair have managed to jointly raise three daughters together and frequently go on family vacations and attend red carpet events together. It’s truly one of the best relationships ever to come out of a Hollywood divorce. In fact, after Kutcher married Moore, Willis began referring to him as part of his “extended family.”

Other amicable exes include Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, who split in 2006, and Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall, who called it quits in 2010, who were spotted together again recently. Now if only the rest of Hollywood would get on board with this idea.

Which ex-couple do you think has the best relationship?

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Source: E!