Demi Moore Looking To Change Her Twitter Name

demi mooreDemi Moore is looking to make a lot of new changes in her life, including her Twitter name. After a three month absence from the social networking site, the actress announced that she’s finally ready to drop her old Twitter handle, “MrsKutcher,” and has even invited her 4.9 million followers to come up with a newer, more appropriate name.

“Time for a change, twitter name change… any suggestions?” Moore wrote on April 17. “Collecting all the suggestions! thank you. keep them coming!!” And since she asked so nicely, we decided to come up with a few names we think would suit her.

She could always go the more traditional route with something like @DemiMoore to make things easy on herself. But it’s always entertaining to see a celeb have some fun with their names, so playing off the word Moore could be neat. @MooreToLove and @MooreThanAWoman immediately come to mind, or she could also combine her first and last name and go by @DeMo or @MoDem. The possibilities are endless — just so long as she keeps the name “Kutcher” out of it.

It’s really strange to look back on Moore’s longstanding history on Twitter and see just how much things have changed. A few years ago, she and Ashton Kutcher were openly displaying their love for one another on the site and now she’s looking to completely rid herself of his name altogether. As far as Twitter goes, these lovebirds have definitely flown the coop.

But don’t worry, the Twitterverse still provides us with a vast array of our favorite star’s personal lives — including the always popular pregnancy announcements.

What do you think Demi Moore’s new Twitter name should be? Sound off below!


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