Democrat or Republican: Can You Guess Who’s Red and Who’s Blue?

ALTLet’s face it: Popular culture has helped us stereotype our political parties. On the right, we’re led to believe most Republicans are either flag-waving, tea-drinking rebel rousers or stiff money-waving, scotch-swilling billionaires. On the left, we’re led to believe most Democrats are either crusty granola-munching hippies or pretentious Jonathan Franzen-reading elitists.

Of course, none of these stereotypes are true — but many can’t help but judge a political party by its cover. Or, more accurately, its faces. But how easy is it to determine who’s a Republican and who’s a Democrat? We compiled a selection of photographs of delegates on the floor of the RNC and the DNC. Can you guess who’s a registered Democrat and who’s a registered Republican?

Test your skills below!

Democrat or Republican? Test Your Skills Here!

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