Dennis O'Keefe

Actor, Writer, Director
Born: 03/29/1908 in Fort Madison, Iowa, USA


Actor (64)

All Hands on Deck 1961 (Movie)

Lieutenant Commander Brian O'Gara (Actor)

Suspicion 1957 - 1958 (TV Show)


Las Vegas Shakedown 1955 (Movie)

Joe Barnes (Actor)

Gulf Playhouse 1952 - 1953 (TV Show)


The Company She Keeps 1951 (Movie)


Abandoned 1949 (Movie)

Mark Sitko (Actor)

T-Men 1948 (Movie)

Dennis O'Brien (Actor)

Brewster's Millions 1945 (Movie)

Monty Brewster (Actor)

Earl Carroll Vanities 1945 (Movie)


The Fighting Seabees 1944 (Movie)

Lt. Cmdr. Robert Yarrow (Actor)

Up in Mabel's Room 1944 (Movie)


Hangmen Also Die 1942 (Movie)

Jan Horek (Actor)

You'll Find Out 1939 (Movie)

Chuck Deems (Actor)

Imitation of Life 1933 (Movie)

Dance Extra (Actor)

A Bill of Divorcement 1931 (Movie)

Dancing Extra (Actor)

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1931 (Movie)


Alias the Deacon (Movie)

Johnny Sloan (Actor)

And So They Were Married (Movie)

Drunk in Car (Actor)

Arise, My Love (Movie)

Shep (Actor)

Broadway Limited (Movie)

Dr. Harvey North (Actor)

Dante's Inferno (Movie)


Death on the Diamond (Movie)


Devil Dogs of the Air (Movie)

Student (Actor)

Dishonored Lady (Movie)

Dr. David Cousins (Actor)

Doll Face (Movie)

Mike Hannegan (Actor)

Everything I Have Is Yours (Movie)

Alec Tackabury (Actor)

Fog over Frisco (Movie)

Van Brugh (Actor)

Follow the Sun (Movie)

Chuck Williams (Actor)

Getting Gertie's Garter (Movie)

Ken (Actor)

Great Guy (Movie)

Guest (Actor)

He Was Her Man (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Her Adventurous Night (Movie)

Bill (Actor)

Hi Diddle Diddle (Movie)

Sonny Phyffe (Actor)

Hold That Kiss (Movie)

Tommy Bradford (Actor)

Jimmy the Gent (Movie)

Chester Coote (Actor)

Joy of Living (Movie)

Man in Building Lobby (Actor)

Lady Killer (Movie)

Man in casino (Actor)

Lady Scarface (Movie)

Lt. Mason (Actor)

Lady by Choice (Movie)

Dancing Extra (Actor)

Love Before Breakfast (Movie)

College Boy (Actor)

Merrily We Go to Hell (Movie)

Usher (Actor)

Mississippi (Movie)


Mr. District Attorney (Movie)

P. Cadwallader Jones (Actor)

Rhythm on the Range (Movie)

Heckler (Actor)

Rose Bowl (Movie)

Jones (Actor)

Saratoga (Movie)

Bidder (Actor)

Sensation Hunters (Movie)

Junior Crane (Actor)

Sensations of 1945 (Movie)

Junior Crane (Actor)

Shipmates Forever (Movie)

Trainee (Actor)

Siren of Atlantis (Movie)

Jean Morhange (Actor)

Smarty (Movie)

Dancing Extra (Actor)

The Affairs of Susan (Movie)

Bill Anthony (Actor)

The Bad Man of Brimstone (Movie)

Jeffrey Burton (Actor)

The Big Broadcast of 1937 (Movie)

Control Room Director (Actor)

The Cabin in the Cotton (Movie)


The Firefly (Movie)

French Soldier Admirer (Actor)

The Girl from Missouri (Movie)

Dance Extra (Actor)

The Great Dan Patch (Movie)

David Palmer (Actor)

The Leopard Man (Movie)

Jerry Manning (Actor)

Topper Returns (Movie)

Bob (Actor)

Walk a Crooked Mile (Movie)

Daniel O'Hara (Actor)

Week-Ends Only (Movie)


Woman on the Run (Movie)

Danny Leggett (Actor)
Camera, Film, & Tape (2)

Craigslist: Classified for Murder 2008 - 2009 (TV Show)


Intimate Portrait: Dr. Susan Love 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)

Sound (1)

I Want a Baby 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)



Steffi Duna

married from 1940 until his death