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While actor Desmond Askew began his career over a dozen years earlier as a child star in his native England, he first gained notice in the United States as unruly Simon Baines in Doug Liman's thrilling, energetic film ... Read more »
Born: 12/17/1972 in London, England, GB


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Go 1999 (Movie)

Desmond Baines (Actor)

Digital Dreams 1983 (Movie)


Jack the Ripper (TV Show)



While actor Desmond Askew began his career over a dozen years earlier as a child star in his native England, he first gained notice in the United States as unruly Simon Baines in Doug Liman's thrilling, energetic film "Go" (1999). Blonde and wiry, with both guileless charm and a look and manner reminiscent of many a British punk, Askew made his American film debut in the ensemble of this top notch youth-aimed film, playing a charming but madly impulsive small-time drug dealer who heads to Las Vegas with his buddies, only to run into opportunity and trouble at every turn. Simon's scenes were among the most enjoyable in the fast-paced film, and Askew displayed an engaging screen chemistry with co-star Taye Diggs, as Simon's far more sensible friend Marcus.

Askew's film career began as a child performer many years earlier, landing work in two British-produced, music fueled projects by members of the world's most legendary rock bands. He had a featured role in original Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman's little seen autobiographical film "Digital Dreams" (1983) as well as a bit part as a magic carpet child in Paul McCartney's 1984 musical "Give My Regards to Broad Street". A veteran of stage and television, Askew was featured as the ill-fated Gavroche, a spirited street urchin who plays a pivotal role in the Cameron Mackintosh musical "Les Miserables" on the London stage. Television credits in his native country include roles in "Up Our Street" and the popular but somewhat controversial youth-aimed drama series "Grange Hill" (both BBC). The actor additionally starred on the ITV series "Island", a drama with a young ensemble cast set in popular British holiday spot Jersey. Askew played Danny, an ambitious and cocky banker on a visit to the posh island after a recent promotion on the six-part 1996 series. The actor first appeared on US television with a bit part as a copy boy in the British made CBS miniseries "Jack the Ripper" (1988), starring Michael Caine. He returned to American small screens 11 years later, following his "Go" success with a regular role as mischievous British hotel employee Ed on the romantic comedy midseason replacement, "Then Came You" (ABC, 2000). Though that series met a quick demise, Askew resurfaced on The WB with a recurring role portraying a mysterious character on the sci-fi teen drama "Roswell" (2000-2001).


Sylvia Young Theatre School

London , England



Co-starred in a remake of the Wes Craven thriller, "The Hills Have Eyes"


Cast in the thriller "Turistas," directed by John Stockwell


Had a recurring role as a mysterious new arrival in "Roswell" (The WB)


Debut as series regular on American TV on the ABC midseason sitcom "Then Came You", playing Ed, the best friend of a young hotel worker who becomes romantically involved with an older woman


Starred as part of the ensemble of Doug Liman's fast-paced "Go"


Played a cocky young London banker in the six-part ITV drama "Island"


Appeared in the CBS miniseries "Jack the Ripper"


Was a "magic carpet child" in the Paul McCartney musical "Give My Regards to Broad Street"


Featured in original Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman's autobiographical film "Digital Dreams"


Portrayed ill-fated urchin Gavroche in the London production of "Les Miserables" (dates approximate)

Had roles in the BBC series "Grange Hill" and "Up Our Street"

Attended a full-time drama school from ages 11 to 16

Began work as a child model at age eight

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"I have no prejudice, no snobbery about doing TV. I think a sitcom's a wonderfully valid entertainment. As I say, I have no qualms about experimenting in different facets of the business." --Askew to TNT ROUGHCUT, May 3, 1999