Diane Keaton’s Never-Evolving Looks

Annie Hall
<em>Annie Hall</em>
United Artists
Diane Keaton became the ultimate fashion icon when Annie Hallwas released in 1977. She pioneered the menswear movement for women. Her bowler hat, tie, and trousers are still a part of her trademark l
United Artists
Once again teamed up with Woody Allen in his valentine to NYC, Keaton wears her signature slouchy blazers and work shirts.
Baby Boom
<em>Baby Boom</em>
United Artists
As the original "momtrepreneur," Keaton has an excuse to wear a tailored white shirt and blazer in virtually every scene of this 1987 film. She plays a NYC business woman (hence the get-up) who inherits a baby and makes apple sauce in her structured blouses.
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Father of the Bride
<em>Father of the Bride</em>
Buena Vista Pictures
This time with pleated pants, Keaton puts a waspish house-wife flair on her outfits. She's pictured here in our trademark black-tie outfit - cream suit jacket in pearls.
Something's Gotta Give
<em>Something's Gotta Give</em>
Columbia Pictures
Perhaps most notable in this movie is what she didn't wear in her quasi-nude scene (girlfriend looks amazing!) but when she did put on clothes she relied heavily on Hampton-chic turtlenecks, beach-y men's shirts, and yet another perfectly tailored suit, shirt, and pearls combo as featured here.
Because I Said So
<em>Because I Said So</em>
Universal Studios
As the charmingly overbearing mother to Mandy Moore in Because I Said So, Keaton spruces up her typical collared-shirt and thick belt, cinched above the waist combo with an entire dress made of this motif.
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Morning Glory
<em>Morning Glory</em>
Paramount Pictures
She's swaddled in starch throughout this 2010 film as the lovingly skittish news anchor.
The Big Wedding
<em>The Big Wedding</em>
Compare this pic to images of Keaton in similar tuxes she wore in The First Wives Club and Hanging Up and you'll see clearly that a) thanks to modern science she doesn't age and b) her style is timeless.