Dianne Foster

Actor, Model
Born: 10/31/1928 in Edmonton, Alberta, CA


Actor (15)

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? 1962 (Movie)

Mona Kaufman (Actor)

Gideon's Day 1958 (Movie)

Joanna Delafield (Actor)

The Last Hurrah 1958 (Movie)

Maeve Caulfield (Actor)

Monkey on My Back 1957 (Movie)

Cathy (Actor)

Night Passage 1957 (Movie)

Charlotte Drew (Actor)

The Brothers Rico 1957 (Movie)

Alice Rico (Actor)

The Deep Six 1957 (Movie)

Susan Cahill (Actor)

The Kentuckian 1955 (Movie)

Hannah (Actor)

Drive a Crooked Road 1954 (Movie)

Barbara Mathews (Actor)

The Bamboo Prison 1954 (Movie)

Tanya Clayton (Actor)

The Violent Men 1954 (Movie)

Judith Wilkison (Actor)

Three Hours to Kill 1954 (Movie)

Chris Plumber (Actor)

Bad For Each Other 1953 (Movie)

Joan Lasher (Actor)

County General (TV Show)