Did One Direction Star Niall Horan FINALLY Get A Tattoo?

Niall HoranWENN/Ivan Nikolov

If you know One Direction (and if you read my stuff, I’m sure you know them) then you know these boys have a lot of ink. Except for one. Niall Horan, the adorable, blonde little Irishman, has zero tattoos. He’s said a few times that he has no plans for them, yet if you checked Twitter this morning, you might have noticed this trend: #NiallGotATattoOnHisLeftTesticle. Sounds outrageous, right? Well, not to his fans it doesn’t.

Since he was spotted at a tattoo parlor the other day with band member, Zayn Malik, people weren’t sure what to believe about this rumor. Would Niall’s first tattoo really be THERE, of all places?

As expected when it comes to One Direction, people are freaking out:

People are really confused by the hashtag:


The whole world is reacting:


Fans would not be surprised, at all:

Some people demanded proof:

People predicted what the band would think when they caught wind of this trend:

Most fans got a good laugh out of this:


Some people diagnosed the 1D fandom:

While others gave credit to the fandom:

So no, Niall Horan did NOT get a tattoo on his left testicle. Or maybe he did, I mean, it’s not like any of us will ever see it, so it’s going to remain Mr. Horan’s business for now. But, if he gets a tattoo on his arms soon, that’s a whole other story.

What do you guys think of this trend? Tweet us your thoughts & what you’d like to see Niall get for his first tattoo!