Bill Hader Had This Surprising Role In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Bill Hader is typically known for his comedic roles. He famously portrayed Stefon, the nightlife consultant on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, but one of his latest credits is pretty surprising.

Remember BB-8, that cute little droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Bill Hader actually helped create its  voice! J.J. Abrams originally contacted Hader and asked if he wanted to do a voice in Star Wars, but Hader didn’t know what character he was playing until he got into the vocal booth. Hader recorded BB-8’s voice as he watched the movie for the very first time — which is a pretty challenging task, especially if you’re such a big fan. It’s no surprise that Hader sort of botched the job.

Despite his efforts, Hader’s voice didn’t make the cut — as he points out, he was just credited as a consultant even after all that work.

“What it ended up being — I did a bunch of bad voices — and then what it ended up being was an iPad that J.J. had to hook up to, like, the Peter Frampton talk box. Like a tube. So that’s what that is.”

Checkout Bill Hader’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he talks about his full Star Wars experience.

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