Didi Perego


other (18)

Cattiva 1991 (Movie)

Nurse (Actor)

Donne Con le Gonne 1991 (Movie)


La Nuit de Varennes 1989 (Movie)

Madame Sauce (Actor)

Operazione pappagallo 1989 (Movie)


Cicciabomba 1982 (Movie)


La Nuora Giovane 1974 (Movie)

Flora (Actor)

La Signora gioca bene a scopa? 1973 (Movie)


Per Amare Ofelia 1973 (Movie)

Santona (Actor)

Chere Louise 1971 (Movie)

Frederique (Actor)

La Poudre d'escampette 1970 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

A Man Called Sledge 1969 (Movie)

Elizabeth (Actor)

Storia di una Donna 1969 (Movie)

Bruno's Girl-friend (Actor)

The Appointment 1968 (Movie)

Nany (Actor)

The Little Nuns 1965 (Movie)

Mother Rachele (Actor)

Kapo 1964 (Movie)

Sofia (Actor)

Everybody Go Home! 1962 (Movie)

"Available" Girl (Actor)

The Joy of Living 1960 (Movie)


Death of a Friend 1959 (Movie)

Lea (Actor)