Dolores Del Rio

Actor, Dancer
Easily one of the most beautiful women of her era and one of the most gorgeous people ever to make it to the ranks of film stardom. Del Rio's career in the 1920s and 30s unfortunately suffered from too many exotic ... Read more »
Born: 08/03/1905 in Durango, MX


Actor (19)

The Children of Sanchez 1978 (Movie)

Grandma (Actor)

Cinderella - Italian Style 1966 (Movie)

Queen Mother (Actor)

Flaming Star 1960 (Movie)

Neddy Burton (Actor)

La Cucaracha 1958 (Movie)

Chabela (Actor)

Maria Candelaria 1942 (Movie)

Maria (Actor)

Wonder Bar 1933 (Movie)


Accused (TV Show)


Bird of Paradise (Movie)

Luana (Actor)

Flying Down to Rio (Movie)

Belinha de Rezende (Actor)

In Caliente (Movie)

Rita Gomez (Actor)

International Settlement (Movie)

Lenore Dixon (Actor)

Journey into Fear (Movie)

Josette Marlel (Actor)

Las Abandonadas (Movie)


Loves of Carmen (Movie)

Carmen (Actor)

The Bad One (Movie)

Lita (Actor)

The Red Dance (Movie)

Tasia (Actor)

The Trail of '98 (Movie)

Berna (Actor)

The Widow from Monte Carlo (Movie)

Inez (Actor)

What Price Glory? (Movie)

Charmaine de la Cognac (Actor)


Easily one of the most beautiful women of her era and one of the most gorgeous people ever to make it to the ranks of film stardom. Del Rio's career in the 1920s and 30s unfortunately suffered from too many exotic, two-dimensional roles designed with Hollywood's cliched ideas of ethnic minorities in mind. Her best-remembered film from this period is "Flying Down to Rio" (1933), which partnered Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for the first time. One of her more interesting parts was her last American lead, in "Journey Into Fear" (1942), set up by and co-starring Del Rio's then paramour, Orson Welles. It took a return to the stage and screen in her native Mexico (where she won that country's equivalent of a Best Actress Oscar four times and was lauded as "the first lady of Mexican theater") and later Hollywood character parts (e.g., in John Ford's "The Fugitive" 1947 and his "Cheyenne Autumn" 1964) for her talent to be fully displayed.


Jamie Martinez Del Rio

married early in 1921 when Dolores was 15 18 years her senior divorced in December 1928 died soon thereafter after an operation in Berlin

Antonia Lopez Negrete de Asunsolo

descended from the Toltecs died 1962

Jesus Asunsolo

from a prominent Spanish-Basque family in Chihuahua director of the Bank of Durango died 1940

Cedric Gibbons

had long association with MGM reportedly was bisexual married in 1930 divorced in 1941

Ramon Novarro

popular star of 1920s and early 30s born February 6, 1899 found murdered October 31, 1968 second cousin

Lewis Riley

married in 1959 survived her

Orson Welles Actor

Dated Del Rio c. 1939-1942 while she was married to Cedric Gibbons acted together in the film, "Journey into Fear" (1942)


studied theater acting technique with Stella Adler in late 1950s

Convent of St Joseph



Appeared in first American film in nearly a dozen years, opposite Anthony Quinn in "The Children of Sanchez"; also her last


Returned to Hollywood; played Elvis Presley's mother in "Flaming Star"


Debuted on Mexican stage in Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windemere's Fan", which she had filmed in Buenos Aires in 1948


Made US TV debut in "Old Spanish Custom", an episode of the "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars"


Debuted onstage in New England summer stock touring production of "Anastasia"


One-shot return to Hollywood at John Ford's request; played opposite Henry Fonda in Ford's "The Fugitive"


Returned to Mexico; signed contract giving her a percentage of the profits from her films


Last Hollywood lead, "Journey Into Fear"


Journeyed to England to star in "Accused"


Beauty ranked second only to Garbo's by famed photographer Baron George Hoyningen-Huene in August issue of Photoplay magazine


Starred in film, "Girl of the Rio", which drew formal protest from the Mexican government for portraying the Mexican system of justice as "a reflection of who could pay the most for the verdict of their liking"


Voice first heard on film in part-talkie, "Evangeline"


Selected as one of 13 WAMPAS (Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers) "Baby Stars" of the year


After small parts in four films, played first important lead in "What Price Glory?"


Film acting debut in "Joanna"


Painter friend Adolfo Best Maugard brought honeymooning director Edwin Carewe and his wife Mary Aiken and married film stars Claire Windsor and Bert Lytell to visit Del Rios; Carewe offered Del Rio a Hollywood contract


Arrived in Hollywood August 27


Began taking dancing lessons from noted dancer Felipa Lopez (date approximate)


Family fled to Mexico City to escape Pancho Villa

Criticized during the McCarthy era of the 1950s for having aided anti-Franco refugees from the Spanish Civil War

Under contract to RKO in early 1930s