Dominique Bettenfeld


Actor (12)

Sleepless Night 2012 (Movie)


Dante 01 2008 (Movie)

BR (Actor)

99 Francs 2007 (Movie)

Jean-Christian Gagnant (Actor)

A Very Long Engagement 2004 (Movie)

Ange Bassignano (Actor)

Atomik Circus 2004 (Movie)


Docteur X 2004 (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

Amélie 2001 (Movie)

The Screaming Neighbor (Actor)

The Crimson Rivers 2001 (Movie)

Policeman with Theory (Actor)

Marie, Nonna, la vierge et moi 2000 (Movie)


Le Createur 1999 (Movie)

Jesus (Actor)

Doberman 1997 (Movie)

Elie Frossard 'Padre' (Actor)

The City of Lost Children 1995 (Movie)

Bogdan (Actor)