Dominique Zardi

Born: 03/02/1930


Actor (29)

Le Deal 2007 (Movie)


The Colour of Lies 1999 (Movie)


Noir comme le souvenir 1994 (Movie)


Delicatessen 1992 (Movie)

The Taxi Driver (Actor)

La Voix 1992 (Movie)

2nd Waiter (Actor)

Ville a Vendre 1992 (Movie)

Police Sergeant (Actor)

Madame Bovary 1991 (Movie)

The Blind One (Actor)

La Comedie du travail 1988 (Movie)


Le Miracule 1987 (Movie)


Masques 1987 (Movie)

Totor (Actor)

Poulet au Vinaigre 1984 (Movie)

Postmaster (Actor)

L' Etoile du nord 1981 (Movie)

Hotel Porter (Actor)

Le Mors aux dents 1978 (Movie)


Le Piege a cons 1978 (Movie)

Chef Postier (Actor)

Violette 1978 (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

Bartleby 1977 (Movie)

Cisaille (Actor)

Le Temoin 1977 (Movie)

Moignard (Actor)

Folies bourgeoises 1976 (Movie)

Motorist (Actor)

Le Roi des bricoleurs 1976 (Movie)

Le Rouquin (Actor)

Andrea 1975 (Movie)

Cletrides (Actor)

Ophelia 1973 (Movie)


Docteur Popaul 1971 (Movie)

Bishop (Actor)

Juste avant la nuit 1970 (Movie)

Laura (Actor)

Une Larme dans l'ocean 1970 (Movie)

Rabbi (Actor)

La Femme Infidele 1969 (Movie)

Truck Driver (Actor)

This Man Must Die 1969 (Movie)

Police Office (Actor)

Diary of a Chambermaid 1964 (Movie)


Le Gendarme a New York 1964 (Movie)

5th Policeman (Actor)

The Tiger Likes Fresh Blood 1963 (Movie)

Airport Gunman (Actor)
Music (4)

Poulet au Vinaigre 1984 (Movie)


Violette 1978 (Movie)


Docteur Popaul 1971 (Movie)

lyrics (Theme Lyrics)

La Femme Infidele 1969 (Movie)

(Song Performer)