Don Beddoe

Don Beddoe was a 20th century character actor with an extraordinary number of credits -- 184 films and nearly 100 television roles. After performing on Broadway for a decade, Beddoe began making films with Columbia ... Read more »
Born: 07/01/1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Actor (85)

Nickel Mountain 1985 (Movie)

Doc Cathey (Actor)

Generation 1969 (Movie)

Gilbert (Actor)

How Do I Love Thee? 1969 (Movie)


A Very Special Favor 1965 (Movie)

Mr Ruthledge (Actor)

Texas Across the River 1965 (Movie)

Mr Naylor (Actor)

For Love or Money 1962 (Movie)

Milo (Actor)

Papa's Delicate Condition 1962 (Movie)

Mr Looby (Actor)

Jack the Giant Killer 1961 (Movie)

Imp (Actor)

Saintly Sinners 1961 (Movie)


The Boy Who Caught a Crook 1961 (Movie)

Colonel (Actor)

The Wizard of Baghdad 1960 (Movie)

Raschild (Actor)

Pillow Talk 1959 (Movie)

Mr Walters (Actor)

Warlock 1958 (Movie)

Dr Wagner (Actor)

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend 1957 (Movie)

Mayor (Actor)

The Joker Is Wild 1957 (Movie)

Heckler (Actor)

Miracle on 34th Street 1955 - 1956 (TV Show)


The Rawhide Years 1956 (Movie)

Frank Porter (Actor)

The Night of the Hunter 1955 (Movie)

Walt Spoon (Actor)

Wyoming Renegades 1955 (Movie)


River of No Return 1954 (Movie)

Ben (Actor)

Don't Bother to Knock 1952 (Movie)

Mr. Ballew (Actor)

The Clown 1952 (Movie)

Gallagher (Actor)

The Narrow Margin 1952 (Movie)

Gus Forbes (Actor)

Man in the Saddle 1951 (Movie)

Love Bidwell (Actor)

The Company She Keeps 1951 (Movie)


The Enforcer 1951 (Movie)

Thomas O'Hara (Actor)

Caged 1950 (Movie)

Commissioner Walker (Actor)

Gun Crazy 1949 (Movie)

Man from Chicago (Actor)

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer 1947 (Movie)

Joey (Actor)

They Won't Believe Me 1947 (Movie)


O.S.S. 1946 (Movie)

Gates / Rodney Parrish (Actor)

The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 (Movie)


Midnight Manhunt 1944 (Movie)


The Spook Speaks 1940 (Movie)


Golden Boy 1938 (Movie)


Before I Hang (Movie)

Captain McGraw (Actor)

Beware Spooks! (Movie)

Nick Bruno (Actor)

Black Bart (Movie)

J.T. Hall (Actor)

Blaze of Noon (Movie)


Blondie Meets the Boss (Movie)

Marvin (Actor)

Blondie on a Budget (Movie)

Marvin Williams (Actor)

Buck Privates Come Home (Movie)

Mr. Roberts (Actor)

Calcutta (Movie)

Jack Collins (Actor)

Carson City (Movie)

Zeke Mitchell (Actor)

Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (Movie)

Frederick Ross (Actor)

Francis Goes to the Races (Movie)

Dr. Quimby (Actor)

Getting Gertie's Garter (Movie)

Clancy (Actor)

Good Girls Go to Paris (Movie)

Burton (Actor)

Honolulu Lu (Movie)

Bennie Blanchard (Actor)

Hoodlum Empire (Movie)

Sen. Blake (Actor)

If You Knew Susie (Movie)

Editor (Actor)

Island of Doomed Men (Movie)

Brand (Actor)

Men without Souls (Movie)

Warden Schafer (Actor)

Music in My Heart (Movie)

Taxi Driver (Actor)

Once More, My Darling (Movie)

Judge Fraser (Actor)

Romance of the Redwoods (Movie)

Forbes (Actor)

Scandal Sheet (Movie)

Chick Keller (Actor)

She Knew All the Answers (Movie)

Barber (Actor)

Shut My Big Mouth (Movie)

Hill (Actor)

Smith of Minnesota (Movie)


Starlift (Movie)

Bob Wayne (Actor)

Tales of Manhattan (Movie)

Whistler (Actor)

Taming of the West (Movie)


The Amazing Mr. Williams (Movie)

Deever (Actor)

The Blonde from Singapore (Movie)

Sgt. Burns (Actor)

The Boogie Man Will Get You (Movie)

J. Gilbert Brampton (Actor)

The Crime Doctor's Diary (Movie)

Philip Bellem (Actor)

The Doctor Takes a Wife (Movie)


The Face Behind the Mask (Movie)

Jim O'Hara (Actor)

The Farmer's Daughter (Movie)

Einar (Actor)

The Great Rupert (Movie)

Mr. Haggerty (Actor)

The Iron Mistress (Movie)

Dr. Cuny (Actor)

The Lady Gambles (Movie)

Mr. Sutherland (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (Movie)

Big Joe Brady (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (Movie)

Inspector Thomas (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Strikes (Movie)

Conroy (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (Movie)

Sheriff Haggerty (Actor)

The Man They Could Not Hang (Movie)

Lieutenant Shane (Actor)

The Notorious Lone Wolf (Movie)

Stanley (Actor)

The Well-Groomed Bride (Movie)

Hotel Clerk (Actor)

Under Age (Movie)

Albert Ward (Actor)

Unholy Partners (Movie)

Mike Reynolds (Actor)

Washington Story (Movie)


Winged Victory (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Woman in Hiding (Movie)

Salesman (Actor)


Don Beddoe was a 20th century character actor with an extraordinary number of credits -- 184 films and nearly 100 television roles. After performing on Broadway for a decade, Beddoe began making films with Columbia Pictures in 1939, appearing in dozens of relatively anonymous roles into the early '40s, playing everything from a reporter to an inspector to a warden. Along the way, his most recognizable work may have been his appearances in The Three Stooges shorts "Three Sappy People" and "You Nazty Spy!," both also with Columbia. By the late '40s, Beddoe finally got the opportunity to get serious, at least film quality-wise. In 1947, he landed a supporting part in the Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, and Shirley Temple-starring romantic comedy, "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer." After dozens of mediocre projects, Beddoe landed a key part in Charles Laughton's only fully credited directorial effort, 1955's "The Night of the Hunter," a thriller with Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, and Lillian Gish. By that point, Beddoe had become thoroughly active on TV, with recurring parts on numerous dramas and westerns through the '50s, among them "The Lone Ranger," "The Loretta Young Show," and "Lassie." Beddoe eventually transcended the confines of character actor-dom, if only briefly, by earning starring roles in the 1961 family adventure "Boy Who Caught a Crook" and the 1962 comedy "Saintly Sinners," playing Father Dan. He continued working into the early '80s, making his final appearance as Doc Cathey in the 1984 drama "Nickel Mountain."


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