Donald Glover’s Surreal New Short Film–VIDEO

Donald GloverDominic Chan/ WENN

The multi-talented Donald Glover plays Troy Barnes on Community (though not for much longer), wrote for 30 Rock, and raps under the name Childish Gambino. He has recently released a short film on his Youtube channel, entitled Clapping For The Wrong Reasons.

Like his rap, it is occasionally difficult to tell whether Glover’s day-in-the-life film is tongue-in-cheek or a legitimate cry to be taken seriously. My guess is both. Some might at first find it hard to reconcile Glover’s brooding film presence with his naïve Community character. The film could easily be a Community joke, an ultra-serious flick created by film buffs Troy and Abed. But as Glover interacts with his surroundings, opening a fridge full off San Pellegrino, rapping, and crossing paths with Chance the Rapper and Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel, it is easy to become lost, just as Glover appears to be, in the understated beauty of the film. It’s clear that he’s not joking around.

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