Doodles Weaver

Born: 05/11/1911


Actor (29)

Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free 1975 - 1976 (TV Show)


The Great Gundown 1976 (Movie)

Baggage Man (Actor)

The McCullochs 1975 (Movie)

Pop (Actor)

Cancel My Reservation 1974 (Movie)

Deputy (Actor)

Macon County Line 1974 (Movie)


Six Pack Annie 1974 (Movie)

Hank (Actor)

The West Is Still Wild 1974 (Movie)


Truckin' Man 1974 (Movie)


Savage Red - Outlaw White 1973 (Movie)


The Bob Hope Show (04/19/73) 1972 - 1973 (TV Show)


Bigfoot 1970 (Movie)

Forest Ranger (Actor)

Fluffy 1964 (Movie)

Yokel (Actor)

The Rounders 1964 (Movie)

Arlee (Actor)

Kitten With a Whip 1963 (Movie)

Salty Sam (Actor)

Mail Order Bride 1963 (Movie)

Charlie Mary (Actor)

Quick, Before It Melts 1963 (Movie)

Ham Operator (Actor)

The Birds 1963 (Movie)

Fisherman (Actor)

Tammy and the Doctor 1962 (Movie)

Traction Patient (Actor)

The Nutty Professor 1962 (Movie)

Rube (Actor)

A Pocketful of Miracles 1961 (Movie)

Pool Player (Actor)

Ring of Fire 1961 (Movie)

Mr Hobart (Actor)

The Errand Boy 1961 (Movie)

Man on Scaffold (Actor)

The Ladies' Man 1961 (Movie)


The Great Impostor 1960 (Movie)

Farmer (Actor)

The Tunnel of Love 1958 (Movie)

Escort (Actor)

Carolina Blues 1944 (Movie)


Hey, Rookie 1944 (Movie)

Maxon (Actor)

Topper 1936 (Movie)

Rustic (Actor)


Sigourney Weaver Actor

Born Oct. 8, 1949 to Sylvester Weaver and Elizabeth Inglis