Dora Doll

Born: 05/18/1922


Actor (41)

Animal Part 2007 (Movie)

Maria (Actor)

Jacquou Le Croquant 2007 (Movie)

Fantille (Actor)

Comme T'Y Es Belle! 2006 (Movie)


Je Vous Trouve Tres Beau 2006 (Movie)


La-bas...mon pays 2000 (Movie)

Paula Azera (Actor)

Meilleur espoir feminin 2000 (Movie)


L' Enfer 1994 (Movie)

Madame Chabert (Actor)

La Nuit de Varennes 1989 (Movie)

Nanette Precy (Actor)

Les Predateurs de la nuit 1988 (Movie)


Once More 1988 (Movie)

The Mother (Actor)

Les Deux crocodiles 1987 (Movie)

Felicite (Actor)

Mania 1987 (Movie)


Bastille 1985 (Movie)

Mrs Friedlander (Actor)

Gros Degueulasse 1984 (Movie)


Le Voyage a Paimpol 1984 (Movie)


Ave Maria 1983 (Movie)


La Femme Ivoire 1982 (Movie)


Le Pays Bleu 1978 (Movie)


Violette 1978 (Movie)

Madame Mayeul (Actor)

Black and White in Color 1977 (Movie)

Maryvonne (Actor)

Julia 1977 (Movie)

Train Passenger (Actor)

Les Filles du regiment 1977 (Movie)

Pente Douce (Actor)

Peppermint Soda 1977 (Movie)

Gymnastics Professor (Actor)

Comme Un Boomerang 1975 (Movie)

Mother (Actor)

Calmos 1974 (Movie)

Sergeant (Actor)

Catherine et Cie 1974 (Movie)


La Main a Couper... 1972 (Movie)

Pascale (Actor)

Any Number Can Win 1963 (Movie)

Countess (Actor)

The Magnificent Tramp 1961 (Movie)

Madame Pichon (Actor)

The Young Lions 1958 (Movie)

Simone (Actor)

Girl on the Third Floor 1957 (Movie)


Nana 1956 (Movie)


Elena and Her Men 1955 (Movie)

Rosa la Rose (Actor)

French Can-Can 1955 (Movie)

La Genisse (Actor)

Main Street 1955 (Movie)

Tonia (Actor)

Daughters of Destiny 1954 (Movie)

("Joan of Arc") (Actor)

Obsession 1954 (Movie)

Entertainer (Actor)

Grisbi 1953 (Movie)

Lola (Actor)

Pardon My French 1951 (Movie)


Cloud Waltzing (TV Show)


The Maiden (Movie)

Catherine (Actor)